Sunday, 8 February 2015

HOR Abolishes "Political Isolation Law"

The Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) was reported to have finally voted by a majority of those present on the abolition of the controversial "Political Isolation Law". It is not possible to access the HoR's website for official confirmation, but according to Press Solidarity [1] the news was confirmed by Isa Alaribi, a member of the House of Representative. 

The political isolation law was reportedly passed by the gun on May 2013 when the GNC was still in power. During that time the GNC was telling the Libyan people that it was powerless to protect its headquarters from the "co-ordinated" armed rebels who were left to wreak havoc across UN-demolished Libya - ironically while continuing to pay their salaries!

The spokesman of the Dignity Operation, Mr. M. Alhijazi, denied the military had exerted any power on the HoR to abolish the isolation law so that Major General Haftar can hold a political position if he intends to do so [2].

A few days later, the interior minister Omar Alsekni revealed that 90% of Libya's problems are caused by the political isolation law, and that freezing the law will enable the return of the administrative, security and military personnel to their positions so that they can participate in the construction of Libya's future - probably meaning the construction of Libya's destruction.


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