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The UN's Violation of The Signed Draft Libyan Political Agreement

The signed draft Libyan Political Agreement (photo source:

المشاركون في الحوار الليبي يوقعون بالأحرف الأولى على الإتفاق السياسي الليبي في الصخيرات، المغرب 

The fire gets bigger and bigger the more firemen are sent to deal with it.

Having bombed Libya back to the stone age in order to "protect civilians", then abandoned it to the bandits of chaos and terror, the UN returned a few years later to propose a controversial Government of National Accord (GNA) that included reported war criminals and in violation of the signed draft agreement.

Adding insult to injury the UN now says more than 2.4 million Libyan civilians are in need of further "protection" - probably meaning more international bombs will be on their way, since the previous 5900 UN bombing missions to protect the civilians in 2011 have obviously failed to achieve their explicit objective.

The "final" draft of the Libyan Political Agreement, according to the UN's envoy, "is not going to change". Yet in a dramatic announcement (a few months later) the same UN envoy said "the peace plan had also been changed, to include not five but six members of a new presidential council, headed by Serraj". It is not a lie, but perhaps a misrepresentation of truth, an unintended a mistake, or whatever else except what it is.

Many Libyans were quick to denounce what they called "the hypocrisy government", with one HoR member even hinting at "dictatorship" being exercised to endorse who should be the president of the so-called "Presidency Council", which he says is a matter entirely for the members of the council to decide once the council has been agreed.

Libya's ambassador to the UN, Mr. Ibrahim Aldabbashi (إبراهيم الدباشي) criticised the tactics of Mr. Leon (the UN envoy to Libya) saying that they show signs of "panic" where Mr. Leon wanders off the main path and gets lost whenever he encounters an obstacle in an attempt from him to please both governments against "legitimacy"; naming one fatal violation which is changing the signed agreement by himself without consultation in order to please the GNC, as he also insisted to include members from the GNC when the GNC itself refused to attend the session, refused to sign the agreement, and did not present any candidates. 

The seriousness of the matter becomes apparent when the Libyan National Commission For Human Rights (اللجنة الوطنية لحقوق الإنسان) said it has rejected all the results coming from the UN-organised dialogue, including the proposed government, because some of the members chosen were implicated in war crimes against humanity in the capital Tripoli.

Hence according to Libya's UN ambassador, Mr. Ibrahim Aldabbashi, the HoR has the right to object to the appointment of anyone who does not openly denounce the radical groups that were labelled "terror groups" by the UN security council.

In imposing a government of its own accord the UN has in effect abandoned the commitment to democracy, "forgetting that an elected government cuts its own throat when it agrees to cut a deal with armed militias".

Please see for a full list of the proposed members of the Government of National Accord.

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