Friday, 19 August 2016

Faculty of Antiquities & Tourism (كلية الآثار والسياحة)

The University of Tobruk has revealed that it will create a faculty of antiquities & tourism. This will be the second faculty of tourism in Libya; the first being founded by Gaddafi's government way back in 2007. The building of Tobruk's education college will be used as the headquarters of the tourism college. After the planed refurbishment the building will be ready for the educational year 2016/2017. The dean of the new faculty, Mr. Belaid Emrabeth, was reported to have said that the number of targeted students for admission to the college will be around 100 students, and that places will be allocated according to the acceptance criteria. For further details about this faculty, and about Khums's faculty of antiquities & tourism (the first tourism faculty in North Africa), please see:

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