Sunday, 7 February 2016

Berber Victory: Algeria Officialises Tamazight In The Constitution


Historical news:  the Algerian Parliament today, Sunday the 7th of February 2016, has passed the draft revised constitution to make Tamazight an "official" language in the Algerian constitution [1]. The amended draft also calls for the creation of an academy of experts to promote Tamazight. 

The amended draft was passed by an overwhelming majority of 499 MPs, with only 2 MPs voting against, and 16 abstained. The proposed changes were first made public last month by the head of the presidential office in this tube [4]. 

Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal said the constitutional revision that included promoting Tamazight as an official language is "the crowning of the political reforms" originally initiated by the president Abdelaziz Bouteflika [2]. 

He also noted that that the revised draft "will help protect the country from political upheavals and threats to the national security" [3].

Let us hope the Arab leaders of  (stricken) Libya see the light that made them speak the words of "wisdom" and do what is right to save Libya's unity and national security. Hitting a brick wall with your head, like Gaddafi had said, would only hurt your head.

Let us hope the Arab leaders of Libya build the courage needed to respect the persecuted Libyans in the same way they seek the same respect for themselves. 

For more on constitutionalising Tamazight in Libya please see:

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