Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Berber Ghadames: The Joke of Arab Heritage for 2016

"The Berbers are the original Arabs." 
                                                                    Moammer Qaddafi

The Berbers have been accustomed to political bullying by Arab tyrants and their instruments of brutality ever since the Arab invasions of North Africa in 642 AD. But for the so-called Arab media "intellectuals" to vote Berber Ghadames "The Capital of Arab Heritage for 2016" is not only a "sick joke" but also a fatal violation of the most basic principle of literacy and history.

Imagine the Arabs voting Proxima Centauri the Jewish capital of the Arab universe, or even better, London the Capital of Arab Heritage for 911 BC. That is exactly the point - nothing makes sense any-more. 

Ghadames is a Berber oasis in every sense, and its inhabitants still speak Tamazight to this day. It has been a Berber oasis for at least 10,000 years; it has remained a Berber oasis 1400 years after the Arab invasions of North Africa; still is a Berber oasis against all odds; and it will remain a proud Berber pearl until the earth gets swallowed by the forthcoming solar eruption before resting a brown dwarf in empty space.

To say Ghadames is the capital of Arab Heritage is not only a violation of sanity but also a cultural crime of cosmic magnitude; a farce totally out of this world. Let us hope it is not a "disease", like Zuwarans had *fakebooked lately? Let us hope it is not a symptom of the Arab Spring madness currently wreaking havoc and destruction across the Arab world? 

The Berbers response, as usual, awaiting the Berber Spring (Tafsuyet Tamazight); while declaring their own contest of "the most beautiful Berber town in North Africa" -- nominating Ghadames, of course ;)

Author: Abracadabra Jackhammer Shishakabab


Ghadames: https://www.temehu.com/Cities_sites/Ghadames.htm
Ghadames Museum: https://www.temehu.com/Cities_sites/museum-of-ghadames.htm

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